London Exercise Coach Transforms Bodies To Peak Condition Using Unconventional Training Techniques

London Exercise Coach Transforms Bodies To Peak Condition Using Unconventional Training Techniques

A London based exercise coaching service with a holistic approach has entered the market, standing out from the crowd of quick-fix fad diets and training regimes. Peak Body Coaching offers a unique, successful, and sustainable method of body transformation. Taking into account each client’s personal goals, alongside their emotional, physical, mental, lifestyle and wellness factors, it provides a long-term preventative solution to total wellbeing, rather than a last minute ‘miracle cure’.

Led by exercise professional, life coach and author, Coach Manny Duarte. Manny embodies his personal style of body and mind mentoring. Urging clients to form new habits, those embarking on Peak Body Coaching leave with a new outlook on their wellbeing, making positive changes to their health and fitness via core values such as learning to move better, improve posture and strength techniques alongside tips for a diet, lifestyle, and emotional overhaul.

Coach Manny Duarte said, “Effective body transformation cannot happen if we are only focussing on one area. Total health is the result of working on a combination of physical, mental, attitude lifestyle factors and more.

At Peak Body Coaching, we help our clients to reveal their inner strength by working in these principles, mindset, awareness, improving posture, flexibility, and joint mobility to form the basis of a complete wellness transformation. With these fundamentals in place, it is then possible to lead a positive, healthy lifestyle that can be sustainable for years, rather than one that loses its effectiveness as quickly as it was gained.”

Peak Body Coaching’s focus on strength movement and posture building is a unique approach in the field, yet it demonstrates a desire to ‘delve deep’ into its clients, forming the framework of a happy, healthy lifestyle, building emotional confidence as it builds physical strength, skills and movement.

With a solid two decades of experience helping clients in stressful fields such as, athletes, singers, lawyers, busy mums and company CEOs, coach Manny Duarte and his Peak Body Coaching service is set to offer the same results for those with an equally as demanding lifestyle, proving that every person, no matter their lifestyle or physical condition, has the capability to enjoy a full body transformation using this holistic approach.

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Peak Body Coaching provides holistic health coaching, providing a preventive approach rather than a curative treatment. It focusses on the person’s whole being, including physical, emotional, mental, lifestyle and wellness factors that need to be addressed. It is passionate about educating its clients on how to move more efficiently and it supports its clients in achieving goals such as increasing strength, better posture, improved stability, increased flexibility, and joint mobility. To do this, it encourages a healthy diet and lifestyle overhaul. This is all designed to improve both body and performance in the client’s chosen activities.