London fashion brand launches ‘build your own look’ feature to create outfits with real originality

London fashion brand launches ‘build your own look’ feature to create outfits with real originality

Independent fashion brand Tia Dorraine has launched a stylish new ‘build your own look’ feature to allow women to express themselves through fashion by creating unique combinations of high-quality separates.

The new look builder allows customers to select from a wide range of tops and combine their selection with a skirt and optional fabric belt to design their own killer outfit to perfectly flatter their unique shape and make a real style statement.

Taking off the peg designer couture a stage further, visitors to the Tia Dorraine website can choose from a wide range of sultry or structured tops with exceptional tailoring and match them against skirts of all hem lengths and styles with complimentary materials.

Using a striking colour palette of blacks, rich reds and vibrant pink hues along with on-trend floral pieces, the ability to build the perfect outfit using just a computer or smartphone is ideal for dedicated followers of fashion who don’t have the time to trawl through high street stores looking for the outfit of their dreams.

Tia Dorraine has also gained popularity with fashionistas due to the versatility and exceptional quality of each garment. All pieces can be worn with a compatible top or skirt or twinned with jeans for a casual yet totally on-trend look.

Teodora Mancheva, Founder and Director of Tia Dorraine said: “I created this brand for women like me who struggle to find the perfect outfits which align with their personal style. I wanted to give them the freedom to customise and expand the full potential of each piece in a way unique to themselves, and with our new look builder feature, customers are free to let their imaginations run wild and create an outfit that fits their individual style and taste.”

To find out more about the current collections from Tia Dorraine and to try the look builder feature, visit