London Female Leadership Workshop Will Unlock Communication and Potential

London Female Leadership Workshop Will Unlock Communication and Potential

Ambitious women in a range of business fields are being given an unparalleled chance to hone their leadership and communication skills thanks to a leading workshop from Female Touch Club. The engaging, interactive seminar, set to be hosted in London on 7th July 2018, aims to unlock the full potential of the delegates and includes an in-depth DiSC report to take home.

Ewelina Dupoux, founder of Female Touch Club said, “Communication and leadership skills are essential for getting ahead in the workplace but, despite being so important, they’re expertise that are typically missed out in formal education. For women that want to reach their full potential, it’s critical to build up a talent in these two areas, allowing them to create a way forward to reach their ultimate goals. To really get to grips with effective communication and leading a diverse group of people, women have to be able to understand their own personality and drivers – this is where the Female Touch Club aims to provide vital support during our first workshop.”

Using DiSC principles, the workshop will help individuals to learn how to work more effectively with each other. DiSC is the leading provider of personality assessments and every Female Touch Club attending the London event will receive a personalised report that they can continuously refer back to as they strive towards their targets. The comprehensive personality assessment allows delegates to recognise the key traits and priorities that shape their workplace experiences, such as motivations, stresses, and influences. Armed with this information, attendees are in a better position take a leadership position.

Ms Dupoux added, “Professionals seeking leadership roles often focus on those within their team when working to improve communication but understanding your own work style should come first. It helps to position yourself as an authoritative leader that can dramatically boost motivation, enthusiasm, and outcomes. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses gives you the tools to forge better working relationships and build an effective team that complements one another.”

Female Touch Club events aim to empower female members to achieve success both in their personal and professional lives. It’s growing network of members can act as inspirational connections and mentors for women throughout the world. The London event is the first informative, practical workshop from Female Touch Club, but the organisation is already working on an exciting calendar of events for members.

The Female Touch Club DISC Certification and Leadership Workshop will be held on 7th July 2018 at The Mayfair Hotel, London, attendees can register for the event at: