The London Photo Show Partners with PhotoVoice to Deliver Positive Social Change

The London Photo Show Partners with PhotoVoice to Deliver Positive Social Change

The London Photo Show, the group exhibition for aspirational photographers, has partnered with the charity PhotoVoice, to promote the use of photography to deliver positive social change.

Joining forces with the worldwide charity, The London Photo Show will help PhotoVoice achieve their vision of a world in which everybody has the opportunity to represent themselves and tell their own story.

Using photography to describe realities, communicate perspectives, and raise awareness of social and global issues, such as climate change, HIV, disability and trafficking, PhotoVoice has worked with partners to deliver more than 50 projects around the world. Through delivering innovative participatory photography projects, they enable organisations, people and communities to use of photography for positive social change.

Convinced that photography can make a difference, The London Photo Show is passionate about the power of photography to tell stories, provide a positive creative outlet and grow the confidence of photographers.

Speaking about the partnership, Andrew Mason, founder of The London Photo Show, said, “The London Photo Show has grown in popularity over the last couple of years, and we want to use our position to do good. We are extremely proud to be working with PhotoVoice and help them reach a wider audience, as we truly believe in the power of photography to tell stories and raise awareness of important issues.”

By displaying their work at one of the exhibition spaces at the 2017 show, PhotoVoice will be able to reach a new and wide audience with photos that inspired and won their bi-monthly photography competition. These images will sit alongside the work of their fellow exhibitors at the London Photo Show this October.

For more information about the London Photo Show and the partnership with PhotoVoice, visit the website: