As London SMEs struggle with productivity, GIC Captial cites how they can help SMEs regain control

As London SMEs struggle with productivity, GIC Captial cites how they can help SMEs regain control

As new figures reveal that SMEs across the capital are struggling with high levels of unproductivity, a capital funding provider is citing the benefits of effective borrowing for sustaining growth and increasing competitiveness.

GIC Captial can offer a number of financing options including a business overdraft, loans and property expansion capital, all of which may seem like worthy suggestions for the 93% of SMEs across London that are citing a lack of productivity as being a significant issue.

Kennedy Zvenyika, Managing Director of GIC Capital said: “For those running SMEs, having confidence in your business and remaining competitive are imperative to both sustained success and growth.

“Unfortunately, a lack of productivity is cited as being a major concern for SMES, prompting action to be taken across different corporations.

“Here at GIC Capital we are confident in our abilities to assist SMEs with achieving the finance that they require from our trusted and highly-qualified providers. Ambitious businesses need money that matches their goals and our growth options are ideal for companies keen to push through the barriers of unproductivity and continue to build their brand.”

It’s not just London where unproductivity is an issue either, with statistics revealing that a staggering 78 per cent of firms across Yorkshire, the South West and East England are also facing issues when it comes to remaining productive and facilitating growth.

Many SMEs, including ones in London, are now taking drastic actions in order to see results. Most are making changes to assist with employee wellbeing while 36% are offering incentives and perks to raise team morale.

With its personalised approach to offering SMEs guidance and funding and a commitment to exploring the best avenues for individual companies, GIC Capital is the perfect resource for businesses ready to expand or maintain the current levels that they are working at.

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