London Tech Experts Re-Invent HR Management for Post-COVID World

London Tech Experts Re-Invent HR Management for Post-COVID World

With business needs shifting significantly in light of the global pandemic, one of London’s most innovative B2B technology providers is re-inventing the concept of the existing human resource management system to help organisations effectively manage their workforce in a post-COVID landscape.

The revolutionary solution offered by PeopleForce works to tackle the ongoing corporate responsibility, new challenges, and growing requirements around human resource best practices in a world that is increasingly conscious of employee rights and management. At a time when companies need to adapt in order to effectively and efficiently respond to the new normal and grapple with the introduction of remote working patterns, many are noting a gap between their current solutions and their new workforce management needs.

With stay-at-home orders issued in many countries around the world, businesses across a variety of different industries have been forced to rapidly change their management processes to meet the needs of a geographically dispersed workforce. Prior to the pandemic, the Office for National Statistics notes that just 30% of the UK workforce had previous experience of remote working, highlighting just how new this situation has been for many businesses.

By April 2020, the ONS reported that 45% of employed adults were working from home. The PeopleForce solution is one of the first all-in-one HR management system featuring the niche capabilities to support small and medium sized businesses through this period of change, and beyond.

“The truth is that nobody quite knows what’s going to happen in the future, for example while some organisations are looking into long term remote working solutions, others are keen to return to some degree of normality, and some are considering hybrid working patterns,” says PeopleForce CEO Andrew Cetinic. “The issue that these businesses are facing right now is that existing human capital management systems are limited in their scalability, which is why we fully believe that a scalable SaaS solution that adapts in line with the business – whatever approach they choose to take – is what’s going to be the key to supporting our valuable resources in a post-pandemic world.”

The existing HR management systems that Cetinic refers to have typically focused on internal processes – an approach that has worked in the past – whereas the current state of the business landscape has introduced a new need to focus on the people at the heart of the organisation. While existing tools may have the functionality to support desk-bound workers, the extended features of the PeopleForce solution, such as full integration with remote working tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, and the use of cloud services to that enable employees to access necessary files and policies from anywhere, at any time, make it a necessity in the new normal.

To date, the innovative PeopleForce HR management solution has supported more than 8000 employees working across more than 50 global organisations.

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