London's cultural revolution: What Does Not unveils RAW nights

London’s cultural revolution: What Does Not unveils RAW nights

What Does Not (WDN), a London-based experience and culture agency, is making waves in the nightlife scene with its disruptive approach to nights out. At the forefront of this movement to discover our shared humanity in cool ways, is its signature event series, RAW immersive listening nights – with the next event taking place on 15 March.

RAW is not just an event. It’s an expression of WDN’s mission and purpose to turn nights out into transformative and memorable social and cultural experiences in some of London’s most iconic venues and members’ clubs – including Soho House, The Ministry, Kindred, The Outernet, and Shoreditch Arts Club.

RAW stands as the UK’s first event series of its kind, offering uncensored storytelling by everyday people, paired with live music and art, all woven around a monthly theme. Previous themes have included RESILIENCE, DEVIANCE, CONFESSIONS, DESIRE, MASCULINITY, HUSTLE, STIGMA, BODIES, MIND and REBELLION – the next theme is WILD. Anyone, of any age and any walk of life with a story to share on the theme, can be part of the curated line-up – for which they must contact the team.

RAW has quickly built a reputation as London’s best night out thanks to its curation and its pay-what-you-can ticketing model that makes sure no one has to cut back on fun and belonging. Tickets start from free with further options at £5, £10, £12, and £15. This approach, akin to the Burning Man ticketing model, aims to make culture and entertainment available to everyone in the capital, no matter their personal circumstances.

In the post-pandemic era and amid the cost-of-living crisis, WDN recognises the hunger for experiences and connection. Their social mixology approach creates a cultural glue, bridging diverse audiences through carefully curated events.

Christine Charitonos, Founder & Creative Director of WDN, says, “Joy is so important in sustaining us through hard times. As is belonging. RAW listening nights cut across social silos, succeeding in building an organic and authentic community. By combining the rawness of human experience with the vibey coolness of a quintessential London night out, we’ve managed to create a cathartic, new format. In many ways, RAWs are a source of hope, closing the loneliness gap one night at a time.”

Since 2022, RAW has had a notable impact on the cultural landscape, weaving together a patchwork microcosm of London’s melting pot. All in all, 200 storytellers, 150 musicians, 35 mentored young event producers and creatives, 20 showcased artists and creators, and a remarkable 3,500 attendees have come together to share their experiences and talents. WDN takes pride in having got this far by being 100% bootstrapped, without funding, grants, loans, or sponsors, to maintain complete independence in its creative endeavours. Making the nights London’s best-kept secret.

Behind WDN is a multi-cultural, all-female team of hospitality, events, and creative industry veterans. Having come from high end events for the film industry, they now apply their acute attention to detail and eye for curation, to create something truly special for the general public. The team ensures RAWs touch all the senses, and provide a platform for real human stories and emerging culture to bridge the divides between people and communities.

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