Mistletoe, the new Christmas single by singer-songwriter Ravi Amruth, is out 20/11/2020.

Listen to or download the single at: https://bit.ly/3kIekLe

Mistletoe is the perfect Christmas song for people who wouldn’t usually listen to Christmas songs. The new release from British Indian singer-songwriter, Ravi Amruth contains his signature blend of acoustic pop, pop-punk, and nostalgic emo sounds.

Christmas is an incredibly emotional time; full to the brim with love, and laughter, but sadly loneliness for some,” Ravi explains.

I wanted to write a song that gives absolutely anyone the excuse to get up, rock out, and headbang until boxing day, but also reminded people that they don’t need all the trimmings and material items for a meaningful Christmas.

Combining sweet, saccharine, seasonal sentiments with an even sweeter sucker-punch in the final chorus, the song has been described as “Mariah Carey, Gerard Way and Jack Johnson finding guitars under their trees, putting on their best eyeliner, cranking the amp to 11, and penning a right (Christmas) cracker!”

Mistletoe incorporates Ravi’s charmingly evocative lyrics, soulful vocals, and hard-hitting guitar into a song to satisfy both fans of cheesy Christmas ballads, and die-hard rockers. As well as being perfect for the festive period in general, the song captures how we don’t need all the bells and whistles to celebrate ourselves or the people we hold dear, as Ravi passionately declares in the chorus: “I don’t need no Christmas lights to see you sparkle, to see you shine.”

Mistletoe is Ravi’s fourth release, hot on the heels of his debut album Tracks To Lay Down On, and his follow-up singles Bullets and down. Reviews and coverage of Ravi’s music can be found at http://www.ravi.am/press.

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