Luxurious Candles Bring Brass Trend and Stunning Fragrance into Australian Homes

Luxurious Candles Bring Brass Trend and Stunning Fragrance into Australian Homes

Embracing European scents and elegant design, the new collection from candle experts Brillare is set to add a touch of luxury to homes across Australia. Blending unique fragrances with interior trends, Brillare candles are stunning pieces of décor that can transform the ambiance of any room they’re placed in, effortlessly complementing contemporary interiors.

Core to Brillare’s appeal is the range of fragrances. From Tahitian Coconut, evoking exotic and tranquil memories, to the sweet, soft smell of Brandied Pear, every Brillare product aims to bring back beautiful memories and uplift the spirit. Incorporating elements of aromatherapy, the candles are not only perfectly balanced but can help invigorate, relax, or elevate moods too, making them an exquisite addition to any home. Working alongside interior designers, Brillare’s products promise to always be on trend. The debut collection is showcased in indulgent, high quality brass, embracing the metallic trend while adding an opulent quality.

Sarah Sandas, Founder of Brillare, said, “Scents are about so much more than smells, they can whisk you off and bring back memories. At Brillare we firmly believe that by surrounding yourself with incredible fragrances can invigorate your soul. We wanted to create candles that not only offered sensual scents but looked just as good too. Through combining design and the art of fragrance, our candles are ideal for homes and acting as part of the décor.”

The commitment to superior quality doesn’t stop with the fragrance and design. All the candles in Brillare’s range burn clearly and evenly, eliminating sooty residue and providing a constant, stunning scent when lit. Carefully packaged in a presentation box that captures the luxurious essence of the products, the Brillare collection is ideal for gifting on many occasions, from birthdays to a house warming.

The brand’s first collection hit shelves in February and it’s already performing well with customers. Looking ahead, Brillare is set to continue releasing beautifully blended fragrances with a twist and collaborating with interior designers to bring consumers the latest trends in contemporary style.

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