Luxury Bed Co. Reveals More Than Three Quarters of Public Change Their Mattress Less Than They Should

Luxury Bed Co. Reveals More Than Three Quarters of Public Change Their Mattress Less Than They Should

Luxury Bed Co., the growing company that specialises in providing stunning beds and mattresses for the UK public, has revealed the results of their survey on mattress maintenance – and the outcomes are concerning.

Of those surveyed, 77 percent of them changed their mattress less than the recommended guidelines of every seven years, with 67 percent claiming to not be aware of the guidelines at all.

53 percent of respondents claim to only change their mattress every ten years or more, with 24 percent suggesting it’s been between nine and 10 years since they changed their mattress.

Speaking about the findings, Rob Turner, Marketing director at Luxury Bed Co., said, “A good nights’ sleep is imperative. One or two nights of broken sleep probably won’t harm us, but when this happens every night, it can cause serious health problems, such as heart attacks and strokes, while also hindering our ability to carry put everyday tasks. As a result, we must ensure everyone is educated in the importance of purchasing a good quality mattress and changing it regularly to give them the best possible change of slipping off into a peaceful nights’ sleep.”

With the above taken into consideration, it’s no wonder that just five percent of those surveyed were completely happy with the level of comfort their mattress provided, and a striking 12 percent rating the comfort of their mattress as just 1/10.

On the flip side however, six percent of the respondents claim to change their mattress between the one and five-year mark, with 17 percent stating their mattress is changed between the five and eight-year mark.

Airing a mattress is also important to rid it of smells and keep it working as it should. Guidelines suggest this should be done around once a month – or more regularly as needed. However 75 percent of respondents said never air their mattress, instead keeping bed linen on at all times.

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