Luxury Ethical Denim Becomes Accessible Thanks to New Direct to Consumer Approach

Luxury Ethical Denim Becomes Accessible Thanks to New Direct to Consumer Approach

Shoppers that are eager to embrace the sustainable movement have a new brand to add to their wardrobe. One Denim is on a mission to make premium ethical fashion affordable and accessible through its commitment to socially and environmentally friendly practices, a unique business model, and an eye for on-trend fashion staples.

The British brand’s approach cuts out wholesalers and fashion shops, allowing them to offer final customers luxury denim products without the retail mark-ups. Despite sourcing the world’s finest Japanese denim fabrics and a commitment to ethical practices across the whole of its supply chain, One Denim is a luxury that many consumers can now enjoy.

Consumers keen to bag a bargain while sticking to their ethical morals will love the brand, where sustainable, premium jeans are typically just a third of their traditional retail value.

One Denim has handpicked its partners for quality and sustainability reasons, even providing consumers with all the details of where their denim items were made.

It’s dedication to blending luxury standards with ethical partnerships is set to make it the denim destination for shoppers and style icons that want to ensure their products have a positive influence.

Firas Kamourieh, CEO of One Denim, said, “Shoppers today are more aware than ever about the potential negative impact that their purchases can have on the environment and communities around the globe. They are also becoming aware of the reason why premium goods cost so much at retail.

“By combining the best denim fabrics with premium ethical production, sustainability and transparency we are aiming our brand at savvy customers who desire high quality and ethics without hurting their wallets.”

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