Luxury footwear brand for women with large feet launches

Luxury footwear brand for women with large feet launches

Women who struggle to find shoes that fit at traditional designer and high-street retailers will now be able to shop a range of styles in their size as a new luxury British brand, with Italian handcrafted colouring launches.

Arabel Manners bridges the gap between fancy footwear and women with larger feet with its stylish collection of shoes for every occasion. Savvy shoppers will be able to choose from a wide range of styles including sexy stilettos for evening wear and more classic fits including loafers, ankle boots and riding boots.

All of the shoes in the collection are available through the brand’s new crowdfunding campaign, which has a funding goal of £15,000. Backers will receive a range of stylish rewards including their chosen pair of shoes as well as handy add-ons to keep fancy kicks in tip-top condition such as shoe sprays and suede protectors.

Arabel Manners, founder of the brand said: “Unfortunately, most high-street and designer labels don’t cater for women whose feet are big, meaning that often they are unable to find the styles that they want in their size. We decided to use a crowdfunding campaign to launch the collection to enable us to put the styles into production and make shopping that much more fun for those who struggle to find good quality, chic and fashion-forward designs to fit larger feet.

“This brand was inspired by my mother, who I witnessed struggling to find shoes that she liked in her size due to having larger feet. All of the pieces are made to the highest quality with Italian handcrafted colouring, giving a high-end, luxurious finish at an affordable price-point.”

Each fabulous piece of footwear is crafted using the Italian technique of hand colouring, giving all of the shoes a unique hue. The shoes come in a wide range of colour ways, meaning that the possibilities are endless for fashion forward shoppers looking for on trend pieces.

While women with larger feet tend to struggle to find the size that they are after, with many high street retailers only stocking shoes up to a size 9 for women, the average shoe size in the UK is actually increasing. While in the 1970s the average shoe size for a woman was a size 4, today you are much more likely to find a woman wearing a size 6 on her feet.

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