Luxury jewellery line delighted to see pearl pins being worn by actors to support women in the industry

Luxury jewellery line delighted to see pearl pins being worn by actors to support women in the industry

A jewellery brand that provides trend-setting women keen to explore their individuality with a stunning collection of pearl jewellery pieces is celebrating the rare stone gaining more recognition thanks to ‘Time’s Up Pins’ that were worn by men at the Golden Globes recently.

Pearl-Lang, a contemporary jewellery line that offers a range of high-quality and ethically-sourced pearl pieces including earrings, bracelets and necklaces, is keen to draw attention to the pearl pins that were worn by A-list actors including Tom Hanks and Sterling K. Brown.

Traditionally worn as a symbol of femininity, the rare gem received a progressive makeover as, in this instance, they were being sported to display solidarity with women in the industry that are battling with sexual violence and pay inequality.

Lulu Tyers, Founder and Creative Director of Pearl-Lang said: “The Time’s Up movement is an inspiring example of women aligning to fight for a good cause, and what better way to represent this than with pearls?

“Known for their luxurious and individual qualities, pearls are one of the rarest stones on the planet and are now only able to be sourced from a handful of select locations around the world.

“Our brand is committed to celebrating not only the beauty and individuality of the gems, but also of the women that wear them, which is why I have designed such a diverse product line. Whether ladies are after simple pieces that they can wear all of the time or standout items that require special occasions, they are sure to find something that suits them and their individual taste perfectly.”

With a unique collection of pieces on offer, many of which come in a variety of colours and also incorporate other crystals, the brand is exploring the everlasting allure of pearls and is ensuring that continue to be adored by the modern woman.

Unusual styles and interestingly shaped gems helps to support this ethos, as does the fact that the pearls used in their pieces are sourced from ethical and environmentally responsible pearl farms around the world.

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