Luxury label launches a new way for sneaker stylistas to up their shoe game

Luxury label launches a new way for sneaker stylistas to up their shoe game

An exciting new brand is taking the sneaker world by storm with a fresh high-end offering to transform traditional trainers into the height of footwear fashion.

Vervon has created a luxury, timeless product to compliment a wide range of footwear in the form of its new leather and 18ct gold plated aglet detail laces complete with signature branding.

Sleek, stylish and hardwearing, no expense has been spared in developing the leather laces from Vervon. With white, black and red colours currently available, the company plans to increase its shade offerings in the near future and introduce more vibrant hues for those who want to make a real style statement.

Perfect for sneakers, trainers and hi-tops, owners of Vevon laces can create their own cutting-edge luxe look by adding a set of the colourful and luxurious laces to the footwear of their choice.

The trend for functional and fashionable footwear has exploded in recent years with more and more fashion-conscious individuals combining comfort with couture to get the latest look.

From designer footwear to trending high street trainers, Vervon laces are compatible with most footwear brands, so it’s easy to upgrade any style and up any sneaker game.

An ideal gift for fashion fans, Vervon laces currently come in both 45 and 54-inch sizes with 18ct gold plated aglets, polished to perfection and inscribed with the Vervon signature. The laces are shipped in a sleek presentation box.

Nick Casablancas, Vervon Communications & Marketing Director said: “Vervon is where fashion meets innovation and luxury. We only use high-quality materials to offer luxurious items that compliment your existing look by adapting current trends to create new and innovative products; we aim to deliver cutting edge designs that you’ll want to own.”

Available from as little as £22.99 and with worldwide delivery, Vervon laces are sure to become a footwear fashion staple for every kind of lace-up shoe or sneaker.

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