Luxury proposal planning and ring sourcing company launches, guaranteeing happy fiancés and engagements

Luxury proposal planning and ring sourcing company launches, guaranteeing happy fiancés and engagements

Proposing is one of the defining moments in any relationships but it can be stress inducing too. Luxury proposals and romantic event planners The Engagement Company have launched their new services, bringing a feminine touch and creative, bespoke ideas to worried grooms-to-be. From sourcing the perfect, sparkling ring to executing those carefully crafted plans, the company offers tailored packages that suit every budget and style.

The Engagement Company is the only UK based business to offer a single destination for the love-struck to head when they’re planning a proposal or other celebratory event with a loved one in mind.  Backed by years of experience in event planning and with a vast network of connections, the firm helps turn each client’s ideas into a moment that will cherished forever. The inventive team behind the exciting new brand can even offer their own imaginative ideas for a truly unique experience that will be adored for those struggling to come up with a concept.

Gabrielle Austen Browne, Founder and Director of The Engagement Company, said, “Research shows that around eight in ten women are disappointed with their proposal despite the best efforts of their future husbands. It’s a memory that should be treasured and a story that’s told to friends and family when they find out about the engagement, so getting it right is crucial. We set up our flexible services to help everyone planning a special moment, no matter their budget size or how wild their ideas are.”

Using her energy and connections built up working as a professional dancer in the entertainment industry for many years dancer, Gabrielle makes planning proposals, whether intimate or public, effortless. Calling on her events background and CiM marketing accreditation, and with experience of putting together and executing beautiful events for anything from 30-3000 people, the founder of The Engagement Company is well placed to offer guidance. The diverse team behind the brand and network of talented freelancers, from florists to photographers, guarantees that the event will not only be flawless but will save clients time and money too.

The Engagement Company also offers engagement ring services as an additional way for fiancés to relax. Acting as an advisor, the company

works with those planning a proposal to understand exactly what they’re partner would fall in love with. The team can offer expert advice and are

trained professionals in the area, with Gabrielle holding a certificate in diamond grading from GEM-A, proving that they’ll be an invaluable shopping partner when the time comes to select the all-important ring. The Engagement Company also works with a number of bespoke jewelry designers for those who want something totally unique.

The Engagement Company’s experience, passion, and perfectly tailored approach means they’re set to become proposal essentials for those that really want to make the moment special.

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