Luxury Skincare Brand AMRA Reveals the Secret to Skincare that Works

Luxury Skincare Brand AMRA Reveals the Secret to Skincare that Works

With hundreds of skincare products available on the shelves of British beauty outlets, consumers are often left feeling clueless about what products they should use to improve their skin. The luxury British skincare brand AMRA is lifting the lid on what really makes a difference, with powerful active ingredients the secret to choosing products that really address skin concerns.

AMRA’s sophisticated, powerful Platinum range is a prime example of how the power of active ingredients can be harnessed to deliver visible results. AMRA’s Platinum range infuses the skin with unique Dipeptide technology that tightens and firms the dermis, rejuvenating and reviving aging skin to give a more youthful, tauter, and fresher appearance. The premium anti-aging range includes a Firming Cleansing Face Wash and a Firming Face Mask.

Each of AMRA’s meticulously crafted products combines active and natural ingredients for optimal performance. For their Platinum range, niacinamide also features as a key active ingredient. A topical version of vitamin B3, Niacinamide hydrates and smoothes the skin, and repairs UV damaged skin at an intracellular level to restore youthful fullness and radiance. Not only is it an ingredient that is very well-tolerated by many different skin types, but it also is particularly effective on aging skin. This cutting-edge active prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin, helping to keep the complexion plumped and nourished, even as skin begins to age.

“We are dedicated to crafting some of the most effective skincare products on the market,” says Susan Jones, AMRA CEO & Founder. “We work tirelessly on our formulas to combine the very best natural and active ingredients in formulas that deliver visible results across a range of skin concerns.

“Active ingredients are the key to choosing products that deliver real results – selecting skincare formulated with scientifically proven actives such as Niacinamide is the only way to be sure that you’re applying products that will address your skin concerns and create a visible difference to the texture and appearance of the skin.”

The Platinum Firming Face Wash (RRP: £80) is the pinnacle of cleansing. Its science-backed formula contains Niacinamide, Dipeptide and Platinum which is released through sebum contact to deliver a high level of moisture into skin, while offering wrinkle correction and toning skin to leave it looking and feeling firmer.

The Firming Face Mask (RRP: £160) nourishes the skin with a high dose of reparative actives to enhance elasticity, smooth out wrinkles and tone skin showing signs of aging.

The AMRA Platinum range is available directly via the AMRA website: