Luxury Skincare Brand, Éveillé Launches New Caviar Diamond Skincare Mask

Luxury Skincare Brand, Éveillé Launches New Caviar Diamond Skincare Mask

For over 40 years, the French luxury skincare brand, Éveillé, has been creating unique skincare and beauty products using one key ingredient; caviar. Today it has announced the launch of its latest anti-aging skincare powerhouse, the Caviar Diamond Lifting Luxe Mask.

The Caviar Diamond Lifting Luxe Mask’s unique formula is based on cellular science, using high-quality, advanced anti-aging ingredients to sculpt and firm the skin. It improves skin health and function at the cellular level, helping to slow down the visible signs of aging.

Developed in a lab by a team of scientists, skincare experts, and dermatologists, the caviar-infused mask emphasises a prevention-focused approach to skincare. Penetrating deeply into the skin, the mask’s active ingredients keep the skin cells’ metabolic function operating at top speed, staving off the visible signs of aging such as skin laxity, discoloration, and uneven texture. At the same time, peptides and antioxidants work to protect and stimulate new collagen production, significantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Created and produced in France, Éveillé’s products contain only those ingredients proven for their efficacy.

Marco Esposito, Managing Director at Éveillé said, “Since the inception of Éveillé in 1982 – when Madame Éveillé stumbled upon a unique ingredient with powerful skincare effects – our brand has focused on formulating high-end, luxury skincare products that restore the skin’s youthfulness and vitality.

He adds, “The latest addition to our range, the Caviar Diamond Lifting Luxe Mask, uses a complex peptide generation system and precious caviar and diamond extract to visibly tighter and refresh the skin, increasing elasticity and providing a more sculpted look. As a result, the user experiences a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles”.

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