Lysis offers Internships and Work Experience via the Damilola Taylor Trust

Lysis offers Internships and Work Experience via the Damilola Taylor Trust

Lysis is proud to be working with the Damilola Taylor Trust (“DTT”) to offer participants in its Career Pathway Programme: work in the City opportunity to take part in the Lysis Career’s Workshop. It is also providing suitable participants the chance to acquire internships and work experience within the Lysis group of companies. These opportunities will provide the participants with insight into working in the City, as well as the chance to experience working within the specific fields in which Lysis operates.

The work experience and internships will be carried out at the Lysis UK headquarters, which are located within the City of London at 88 Wood Street.  Where possible and whenever appropriate, participants of the Programme may be able to gain experience within the offices of existing clients, which include banks, card payment firms and other financial institutions.

Each individual who takes part in the DTT Career Pathway Programme will be offered the opportunity to work with a designated mentor for an unlimited amount of time who will be a City professional working within the financial services and investment banking industry.

The objective of the Programme is to provide participants experience and insight into working in the financial services industry. The Programme will cover a number of different roles and aspects.

This month Lysis will be welcoming its first wave of interns. These individuals will be working in a number of different areas including Anti-Money Laundering, IT Support and Generalist roles.

Tom Griffiths, Managing Consultant at Lysis, and the driving force behind Lysis’s involvement in the Programme said “We are genuinely proud to be working with the Damilola Taylor Trust and being able to support the great work they do. We have already met a number of motivated and driven young people through the Trust via a Careers Workshop. We look forward to continuing our support of the Damilola Taylor Trust and welcoming our first wave of interns. We are driven to give the opportunity of a career with Lysis, and in the City as a whole for young people who may not have otherwise had the opportunity.”

Lysis is keen to be taking steps to improve social mobility in the workplace as it pays heed to the fact that research has consistently shown that people from more affluent backgrounds take a disproportionate number of the best jobs, and that overall employers tend to disproportionately favour graduates who went to private schools and elite universities. Lysis feels that diversity enhances corporate performance and feels that everyone of suitable ability should have the chance to pursue a career of their choice. Lysis is also keen to help demonstrate to those who do not come from affluent backgrounds that this should not be a hindrance to their career development and prospects.

Richard Taylor, founder of The Damilola Taylor Trust commented, ” We are delighted that our Career Pathway Programme: work in the City is delivering the benefits the programme was designed to provide to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds: access to paid internships in Lysis, a fast-growing City firm as well as other organisations in the Financial Services industry that they might not normally consider. We are grateful to Lysis for supporting us make this programme a reality”.

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