Magic themed escape room experience set to take Birmingham by storm

Magic themed escape room experience set to take Birmingham by storm

Budding wizards and witches with a penchant for all things magic are set to get their fix at a new Magic School themed escape room coming to Birmingham.

Escape Time is an immersive experience that puts groups of families and friends in a room where they are required to find clues and solve puzzles and escape before the clock runs out.

The latest offering, which will be launching this summer at their Sutton Coldfield location, will be set in an Enchanted Forest. Players are required to find the entrance to a magic school within 60 minutes before the forest is lost forever.

James Bartlett, Director of Escape Time, said: “For families and friends keen to try something different in the evenings or weekends, escape rooms are an exciting and interactive option.

“All of the escape rooms are fully themed and allow players to forget about reality for 60 minutes and immerse themselves in a whole new setting. The Magic School themed escape room is sure to be a massive hit with any die-hard fans of Harry Potter who will love all of the references to potions and spells.”

Escape rooms have been growing in popularity for a number of years and initially came to prominence in 2006 when they began launching in the United States, Japan and China amongst other countries.

The escape game scene in the UK has been around for a number of years now, with most rooms featuring various locks that require combinations or keys to grant access to something else in the escape room.

All experiences hosted by Escape Time will feature a Games Master watching and listening in on participants via CCTV. Their role is to help gamers along the way if they are stuck by offering up clues.

Mr. Bartlett continued: “Not only are escape rooms great for family and friends, they also work wonders for companies in terms of a team-building activity. Participants must collaborate and work in unison if they are to escape in time, plus it’s also really fun!”

Escape Time has another venue in St. Ives and will be opening its doors to residents in Burton on Trent during the summer.

Escape Time Sutton Coldfield will be launching the Magic School escape room in July 2018 and bookings for the game can be made from Sunday 1st July via the online booking system now.

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