Make Dad’s Day with the Ultimate Gift Idea from Cabinet-Tronix

Make Dad’s Day with the Ultimate Gift Idea from Cabinet-Tronix

Dad’s who deserve to be spoiled deserve the ultimate gift this Father’s Day – and Cabinet-Tronix has just the thing courtesy of its stylish, practical and sublimely luxurious new collection of outdoor TV lift furniture.

As essential as the grill and perfect for dads who love nothing more than kicking back to watch the game, each outdoor hidden TV cabinet™ design is packed with character, made from premium materials and designed to protect a big screen TV from the elements – all while making the process of giving dad his dream present effortless.

Trace McCullough, Cabinet-Tronix head designer says, “There is absolutely nothing to compare our outdoor TV lift units too and one of our pieces is one of the best gifts you could possibly give on Father’s Day. Our outdoor TV lift units have each been designed to elevate any outdoor space and make outdoor living more enjoyable, more luxurious and more attainable.

For any family who loves being outdoors, having friends and family round or who wants do more of that, a Cabinet-Tronix unit redefines that space and puts that lifestyle within reach. It’s a killer gift for dads who never miss a game and love nothing more than grilling all summer long.”

Many of the outdoor designs come with a choice of materials, meaning it’s easy to get a cabinet that feels completely custom and blends effortlessly into an existing space. Perfect for the backyard, deck and patio, one of the most popular designs in the range is the stunning solid Cumaru wood piece. Expertly crafted in beautiful Brazilian Teak, the cabinet is weatherproof, practical, functional and stylish. It can hide a big screen TV all year long, giving an easy outdoor space to watch the weekend’s game or a favourite show. Inside, it has the US’ number one TV lift system and is a seamless, smart solution for outdoor viewing.

What’s more, all of the Cabinet-Tronix outdoor hidden TV cabinet™ designs can be ordered online – making it the perfect choice of gift for those who have left it a little late to get dad something he truly deserves this Father’s Day.

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