Man and machine team sets specialist new player in PPC management apart

Man and machine team sets specialist new player in PPC management apart

A new agency with a unique approach to PPC management, powered by a proprietary platform that fuses machine learning with the human brain, has launched.

Admoo is a disruptive, game-changing PPC engine for eCommerce and online retailers, which couples the most sophisticated managed PPC optimisation tool on the planet with a personal touch. Admoo’s man and machine approach leverages the versatility of the human brain and turbocharges it with the power of software to redefine ecommerce marketing for 2018.

Not just an agency, not just a service, Admoo has thrown out the PPC management rule book and reloaded its approach with bespoke systems that deliver results – such as an average increase of 200% ROI.

Nigel Copley – CEO, said, “We’re a fully managed PPC service, using a powerful in-house, purpose built software to create and optimise PPC campaigns. We work as a software managed service, tailored to our clients. Our clients have so far seen over 200% increase of their ROI, and up to 40% decrease on CPC, all totalling better returns and business growth.

“We built out in-house software as a response to real world problems. We ran a traditional PPC agency for the best part of two decades but were frustrated – talent is hard to find, software is expensive or poor – or both, and customer margins are squeezed at every stage. We were fascinated by the concept of a software powered service, and the potential that combining lightning fast analytics with the more abstract intelligence of a human brain. It was like an itch we needed to scratch, and so Admoo and our PPC engine was born.”

Admoo’s semi-automated approach to PPC management begins with data gathering. Feed and category information is collated and the data indexed using Admoo’s own value rank algorithm. This identifies the value of each category, product, landing page and search based with calculations based on historic sales and performance data. The Admoo team then gets to work, identifying objectives, segmentation and targeting methods. Keywords are mapped, text ads created and hundreds to thousands of campaigns fed to Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

The Admoo difference starts here, with its unique PPC engine taking over to process hundreds of thousands of search queries and take appropriate action using the defined objectives as triggers. Campaigns are constantly optimised, with performance impact visible within days. More than 500,000 data points are assessed per store per day – meaning a simple, fast, powerful and fully managed service that kicks old school PPC optimisation into touch.

Admoo’s proprietary platform also provides custom reports at the touch of a button – with an intuitive, experienced human at the end of the phone, email or online chat to help clients make sense of the data.

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