Manchester Company Is Giving 10% Off Bubble Tea For Life

Manchester Company Is Giving 10% Off Bubble Tea For Life

The Bubble Panda is crowdfunding to make some important adjustments to their product and packaging in order to improve sustainability and affordability, whilst continuing to evolve the bubble tea at home experience.

Scott Harasyn, Founder said “we are being hit with price rises from all our suppliers, so to avoid passing these onto our customers, we are investing in new packaging and machinery to provide better efficiency and help keep our prices as affordable as possible.”

The Bubble Panda is a Manchester based company that has developed a fantastic bubble tea making kit, with a British twist, allowing customers to get their bubble tea fix at home.

The Bubble Panda was set up in 2020 during the first lockdown and has now delivered over 50,000 bubble tea boxes across the UK.  Products include a build your own box, seasonal limited editions and a monthly subscription.

Bubble Tea originates from Taiwan and has taken the UK by storm over the past decade. It is made using a tea base and either fruit syrup or milk powder is added. It is finished with toppings including popping bubbles (small balls that pop in your mouth to release a burst of fruit juice), jelly or tapioca pearls (which are soft, sweet and chewy but need cooking first). The drink and toppings are consumed with a wide 12-14mm bubble tea straw.

The Bubble Panda is crowdfunding directly via their website to avoid the additional commission charged by traditional crowdfunding sites and instead giving better savings to the backers.

In addition to receiving the new Bubble Panda Cup & Straw Set, backers will receive 10% off any purchases made on for life.

The Bubble Panda crowdfunder is available here: and the early backers will receive their product(s) at the end of May to early June.