Marloe Watch Company Turns the Clock Back to Timeless Design

Marloe Watch Company Turns the Clock Back to Timeless Design

They say a woman’s outfit is not complete without show-stopping shoes, but for men, an outfit is never really polished without a traditional timepiece. British watch producer Marloe Watch Company is taking this philosophy to heart by breathing new life into the classic hand-wound watch with their Cherwell and Derwent collections.

Offering nothing but an understated, refined design, and of course accurate time-keeping, the company is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting watch companies in the UK. Its fusion of old and new has culminated in an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign, which will finance a number of new timeless pieces for the discerning gentleman.

Oliver Goffe, Co-Founder of Marloe Watch Company, said, “Our designs encapsulate everything we know and love about Britain, this inspiration helps us to create functional, classic pieces. We favour a simpler aesthetic, with clean lines and deliberate markings which catch the eye whenever and wherever they’re worn. But the beating heart of a Marloe watch is what we celebrate the most, which can be seen through the exhibition caseback.”

With a focus on classic, timeless design, neither collection would look amiss in any era. Both collections provide a touch of understated elegance in a world where simple timepieces are sadly becoming a thing of the past.

The Cherwell Collection offers up the perfect accessory for any outfit. From a sharp suit to a casual knitted jumper or a polo in the summer, the classic design and attention to detail makes the celebrated collection one of a kind. Simple and ageless, the Cherwell draws inspiration from one of the world’s most prestigious university cities, Oxford, and takes its name from the River Cherwell which winds through this City of Dreaming Spires.

With more than a few nods to timepieces of the past, the Derwent Collection’s contemporary take on watches of the 50s and 60s provides eye-catching dials complete with angled chapter ring, drawing the eye in towards the dial. The one and only accessory needed for a casual ‘day off’ outfit, or even for making a good impression in a meeting, the Derwent is an instant, dependable classic.

With heritage appeal and contemporary twists perfectly balanced, Marloe Watch Company has already gained a cult following, with men of all ages turning the clock back and investing in these refined timepieces without a Wi-Fi connection in sight. The brand smashed its recent Kickstarter campaign raising more than £192,000 despite its modest £50,000 funding target.

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