Materials Handling Equipment Provider Encourages Warehouse Managers to Not Neglect Their Pallet Trucks

Materials Handling Equipment Provider Encourages Warehouse Managers to Not Neglect Their Pallet Trucks

Warehouses are extremely busy places, which can lead many warehouse managers to ignore the importance of regular manual handling maintenance. One specialist provider of warehouse equipment is encouraging managers to put regular maintenance at the top of their priority list.

Pallet trucks are an essential piece of equipment that is found in warehouses across the country. Used for manoeuvring pallets around a warehouse, aiding the order picking process and facilitating speedy delivery for retailers and customers, they are crucial for a smooth-running warehouse. However, when regular hand pallet truck maintenance is not carried out, you could be reducing their performance and life.

Many companies don’t realise the impact on operations that faulty equipment could have. Not only are poorly maintained pallet trucks more likely to break or suffer in performance, but they could also pose a serious health and safety risk to your employees. Pallet Trucks UK is encouraging all managers to conduct regular maintenance to comply with health and safety regulations and so they can quickly identify potential issues that could compromise the safety of their employees.

“Without manual handling equipment, many warehouses will completely cease to function so it’s important that managers do whatever they can to keep their equipment working correctly for as long as possible. Not only is your reputation at risk if you’re unable to fulfil orders due to broken down equipment, but you’re also putting your employees at. Regular maintenance is incredibly important, and something that should never be neglected in the warehouse,” comments Phil Chesworth, the Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK.

Pallet Trucks UK provides a range of fully electric pallet trucks, scissor lift platforms, and weighing scale pallet trucks that can be trusted by warehouse managers across the country. Whether managers are running a small operation or a multi-centre warehouse complex, they can rely on Pallet Trucks UK to provide professional equipment, whatever the industry.

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