MAXhealth takes health education direct to local community

MAXhealth takes health education direct to local community

Everyone knows the importance of their health but it’s often an aspect that’s put to one side amid busy schedules and hectic daily lives. But one primary health care organization is changing that by taking education and health checks direct to communities across the Sarasota-Bradenton area. The experienced and friendly team from MAXhealth has already attended five events this year, helping local residents to get proactive about their health and get answers to their personal care questions. More events are planned over the course of 2017 as part of the Sarasota clinic’s commitment to working closely with its patients and better serving its community.

MAXhealth takes a different approach to primary care, with a strong focus on building relationships between patients and health professionals. This year’s events have helped MAXhealth meet those they serve and give locals a chance to chat face-to-face.  As well as offering expert advice, guidance and education, the community events have also offered free blood pressure checks to highlight potential risks.

MAXhealth Doctors understands that health is vitally important but even when issues arise it’s often put below other priorities. They seek to improve health education in our community so that local residents know when they should be making an appointment to see a professional. It’s really important to MAXhealth providers to be a part of the community and the response they’ve had from attendees so far certainly shows that they’re beneficial.

MAXhealth also offer specialist geriatric medicine and senior care, with three of the five events being aimed at those aged over 55. The relaxed coffee and learn events have proven a success for the firm, acting as the perfect point of contact for local physicians to meet and educate older generations. The informal atmosphere has also made it easier for residents to speak to a professional about health concerns without the need to make an appointment. Another highlight in the already busy 2017 schedule for MAXhealth was a hosted bingo night where attendees were delighted to see the team taking an interest in them and participating.

MAXhealth has 7 primary care centers located across Sarasota & Manatee and prides itself on delivering care that not only meets the needs of patients but is personal too. Every patient is given a tailored treatment plan that considers their general health, with a heavy emphasis on wellness and preventive care, as well as long-term management for chronic conditions.

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MAXhealth is a family practice that provides convenient primary care for patients in Sarasota, Florida, and the surrounding areas. The organization takes a patient focused approach with access to a complete range of services, from diagnostic testing to pharmacy services, and medical practitioners that individuals can build meaningful, long-term relationships with. MAXhealth’s offering also extends beyond primary care with a wide range of experienced specialists in a variety of disciplines, including senior wellness, oncology and women’s health.