Maximalism: the new design trend that encourages clashing prints and how to achieve it

Maximalism: the new design trend that encourages clashing prints and how to achieve it

Savvy home décor enthusiasts will have noticed a new movement has been sweeping the fashion and interior design industry over the past few months.

Reminiscent of recent fashion trends which dominated runways such as colour-blocking and pattern-clashing, Maximalism is a bold and vibrant protest against the ‘less is more’ attitude that has been the norm in interior design for years.

Tired of quiet, contemplative ‘Hygge’ spaces and Scandinavian rustic style, many have adopted Maximalism as a device to blow the cobwebs away and make an impact. The trend provides an exciting challenge for any homeowner determined to keep up-to-date, and offers a chance for experimentation and daring.

The look can be difficult to achieve, as you must ensure that busy patterns and vivid colours both clash and compliment without looking messy. With a mix of patterns, textures and colours to choose from, a piece from The Tub Collection is an essential accessory to complete the Maximalist look.

Amelia Crawford, Lead Buyer at The Tub Collection said: “Maximalism is the perfect trend for anyone who is keen to make a statement with their living areas.

“A tub chair is a fantastic addition to the Maximalist’s home, as our vast range of colours and prints means that you can create your own individual look to suit your tasts. Each tub chair looks unique and bespoke; as if it has been designed solely for your home.”

Maximalism requires that a person dresses their home as they would themselves and spends just as much time and dedication cultivating the look of each room as they would on cultivating their own wardrobe.

Deciding where to start can be half the battle so finding the right piece of furniture is important. Bold patterns such as stripes in vibrant colours, as seen on the Tub Collection Launceston tub chair, pair perfectly with matching-coloured walls and complementary patterns.

Maximalist design is almost a work of art in many ways. The perfect look requires curation and an eye for detail, as well as a sense of where to draw the line. A tub chair can greatly enhance the appearance of any room and each individual item can be used as the starting point to build a room around.

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