Meet the Plymouth Estate Agents Challenging Traditional Sales Practices

Meet the Plymouth Estate Agents Challenging Traditional Sales Practices

A new estate agency in Plymouth claims that the future of successful real estate in the UK lies in transparency, and is challenging traditional sales practices in a bid to incorporate more openness into what is typically known to be a largely cloaked and ambiguous industry. The skilled team at Aspire Estate Agents has drawn upon more than a decade’s experience in property to create a new independent agency where transparency is accelerating sales.

While Aspire can be admired for their appointment of a dedicated sales manager, their team of local experts, and their 100% free services including market valuations, advice, and expert guidance, the agency is hitting the headlines for its somewhat unusual fixed fee pricing structure; a structure that is making it more affordable for sellers to list and market their properties.

According to the Homeowners Alliance, sellers generally pay between 0.75% and 3.0% in sales fees, equating to nearly £7000 for the average £230,000 property. In contrast, Aspire sellers can pay as little as £1500, with no hidden fees and no additional costs. The Aspire team credits comprehensive planning and organisation, as well as minimal overheads, for the low fees.

“Having come from a military background where the entire basis of our success was in planning and organisation, I’ve always been astounded by the lack of same in many industries where both planning and organisation should exist but doesn’t, and real estate is probably the worst,” says ex Royal Navy employee turned Sales Director Scott Gallacher.

“Buying and selling shouldn’t be difficult, yet it’s consistently rated as one of the most stressful life events that the average person will ever encounter. We aspire to change all that, and from the very beginning our aim has always been to transform the property sector, making it easier and more enjoyable to sell simply through being open and transparent about it all”.

“Real estate is still very much hidden behind cloaks. We’re asking, why?”

Online estate agents aren’t a new concept, yet to date one of the largest shared concerns about using an online agent was the lack of included services compared with the offering of high street agencies. Aspire is different, with 3D floor plans, property videos, and a full after sales package included as standard for each and every seller, with no hidden costs.

Based online, Aspire operates with minimal overheads, passing savings on to sellers.

Despite going against the grain, Aspire has already built up an extensive collection of in-demand houses and bungalows across Devon. Among the most sought after properties this summer are 3 and 4 bed houses, including a £180,000 home in the quiet Normandy Way cul-de-sac, a £290,000 semi-detached in Stanbury Avenue, and a sprawling £510,000 family home in Russell Avenue within the attractive and popular residential area of Hartley.

Aspire Estate Agents can also connect sellers with associated trusted local services, including mortgage advisors, solicitors and conveyancers.

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