Meet The Brand Tackling Fast Fashion One Beautiful Basic at A Time

Meet The Brand Tackling Fast Fashion One Beautiful Basic at A Time

Fast fashion brands like Zara, Shein, and H&M may be the most valuable clothing brands, but they are also responsible for catastrophic environmental destruction and have influenced a generation of overconsumption and thoughtless dressing. To regain control over the fashion industry, one brand is taking on fast fashion, one beautiful basic at a time.

Avamah is a clothing brand with a difference. Founded by Ava Kianirad it focuses on creating modern basics that are designed to be wardrobe staples that stand the test of time, even as trends come and go. Conceived to be minimal yet beautiful, Avamah’s high-quality, easy-care and unique fabrics are both comfortable and durable enough to last far longer than typical fast fashion garments.

Perfect for those who want to work on their capsule wardrobe, garments from Avamah come in a range of neutral colours. They’re easy to mix and match or incorporate with other wardrobe pieces in a timeless and stylish way. Avamah prides itself on using fabrics that are not typically used by other brands, like scuba, that are wrinkle-resistant and lint-free to avoid time-consuming garment maintenance and upkeep.

Avamah believes that part of the issue within the fashion industry is that fast fashion brands are fuelling the idea that customers have to follow the trends, which quickly go out of style. This forces consumers to feel like they need to buy new clothes every season and throw out whatever is no longer ‘in style’. To combat this, Avamah is passionate about helping each person to develop their own style, filling their wardrobe with essentials that can easily be styled or layered with other pieces.

Ava Kianirad, Founder and Creative Director or Avamah says, “Keeping up with the quick-moving fashion cycle is exhausting but, due to things like social media and fast fashion brands, many people think they are forced to continually update their wardrobe just to feel stylish. At Avamah, I wanted to focus on creating high-quality basics that our customers feel good and look great in so they can build their own capsule wardrobe of incredible pieces that they can wear for many years to come.”

Avamah stocks a wide of range of closet essentials, ranging from everyday tees to satin blazers that easily transition from day to night. The full range of luxury basics can be found on the brand website with international shipping options available.

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