Meet the Fitness Brand Bringing Purpose Back to Sportswear

Meet the Fitness Brand Bringing Purpose Back to Sportswear

Having developed a loyal customer base under the JOMO Sportswear name, the rebranded Joy of Missing Out – Sportswear is building upon this success with a range of carefully designed products to support even more women as they set out to become healthier, more confident versions of themselves.

Joy of Missing Out – Sportswear is committed to breaking down the barriers to sports participation amongst women by embracing the concept of enclothed cognition. By designing with thought and purpose, rather than simply label-slapping, the brand is striving to achieve two things. Firstly, to transform sportswear from something that’s worn into something that supports the journey towards a healthy body, and a healthy mindset. Secondly, to make sports and fitness more accessible to women at the start of the journey.

So, what does ‘purposeful design’ mean to the company? It means designing gym wear, home workout gear, and fitness accessories with real women in mind. The brand’s sculpting activewear range, for example, has been developed to work with – not against – curvy bodies. Unlike most fitness brands which simply manufacture a standard design in a larger size, Joy of Missing Out – Sportswear begins from scratch, creating clothing that’s not only comfortable but is specifically designed for maximum body confidence.

Sarah Elizabath Hunt, Joy of Missing Out – Sportswear Founder, says “Many clothing brands are under this very mis-informed impression that women who require fitness clothing are already active gym goers. What they don’t realise is that women who are at the very beginning of their fitness journey don’t always feel comfortable in sportswear, and it takes time to build this confidence. To support more women to become healthier, we need to be creating clothing that’s wearable no matter what. And that’s exactly what we’re striving for: to give women what they need to take that first step”.

Activity is hugely important, with the World Health Organisation reporting that the risk of women developing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, anxiety, and breast cancer could all be reduced through regular physical movement. Despite this, there are many barriers women face that deter them from exercise. Clothing is one of them.

Research shows that a lack of confidence and a phobia of Lycra are some of the most commonly cited reasons for inactivity amongst women. With better access to more affordable, more confident, and more inclusive workout clothing designed with purpose for different body types, it is hoped that brands like Joy of Missing Out – Sportswear could help change the landscape.

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