Meet the Structural Repairs Team Fixing Issues Standard Builders Can’t

Meet the Structural Repairs Team Fixing Issues Standard Builders Can’t

A Berkshire-based repairs and renovations company is fast earning a nationwide reputation for successfully tackling challenges that others can’t. Structural Repairs, who offer a comprehensive repairs and renovation service for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, is drawing upon its 35+ years experience to take on some of the biggest and most complex projects that standard builders and tradespeople typically lack the skills to complete. 

One such challenge is The Cockpit; Eton’s oldest building believed to have been built in the 1400s. While work was started on restoring the building a few years ago, the complexity of the job proved too much and work ceased, resulting in a new wave of problems including water ingress. As the only local structural repairs firm with a team of in-house structural engineers and construction labourers, Structural Repairs are now working closely with the building’s new owners to bring the historic building back to life through a range of works carried out in line with heritage and conservation standards. 

Kellie Botha, Office Manager at Structural Repairs, says, “Historic buildings are a huge part of our nation’s heritage, and through dedicated restoration and conservation efforts, we can prevent the loss of our country’s history and generate exciting new opportunities to share this history with the world. Unfortunately without specialist skills, we risk losing these buildings forever. At Structural Repairs, our team is proud to possess talents and expertise that others don’t, and we’re thrilled to be playing our role in keeping history alive”. 

As part of the specialist works being carried out at The Cockpit site, the Structural Repairs team are expected to tackle major cracking and separation issues in the original 15th century brickwork, which may require the use of screw piles, underpinning, and crack stitching to resolve. Repairs are also anticipated to be required in the building’s timber frame itself, as well as in the traditional lime plaster and rendering which will need to be reinstated. 

The Cockpit is certainly not the only complex challenge that Structural Repairs has been tasked with over standard building companies. The team previously completed niche work on the 12th century Woburn Abbey, which had been deemed structurally unsafe due to an abundance of rotten oak beams caused by deathwatch beetles. The team’s solution was to use structural timber repair resin and steel reinforcement bars to rebuild the beams to the original dimensions, creating an exact replica timber with added durability. 

The Structural Repairs team strongly believes that awareness of the critical importance of specialist restoration skills must be increased. Many historical buildings are falling into a state of disrepair.  And with owners struggling to find builders confident enough to take on the challenge, more and more buildings are being left to deteriorate to a point where there is little option but to demolish them. From both a heritage and environment perspective, Britain’s buildings must be saved. And Structural Repairs are here to help. 

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