Meeting customer expectations means working smarter, not harder, says Pallet Truck Shop

Meeting customer expectations means working smarter, not harder, says Pallet Truck Shop

As more and more businesses launch next day delivery services, warehouse staff are often the ones feeling the crunch. Fashion and beauty retailers often give customers a midnight cut-off time to order by and get next day delivery, and Pallet Truck Shop warn that traditional methods of working mean that warehouse workers can be overwhelmed by such demands.

“As the UK becomes more and more used to ordering online with a few taps on their phone or clicks on their screen, supply chain workers are feeling the crunch,” says Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop. “Employers asking their workers to put in more time can burn employees out with the stress of too much work, instead of thinking up smart solutions.”

Employers who quickly adapt to changing circumstances rather than insisting on proscribed ways of doing things will often win the loyalty of their employees, whether it’s buying new products for the warehouse or training more workers in things like forklifts or aerial work platforms. Keeping abreast of changes in their particular sector means that no change will be unexpected and employers can already have planned for different eventualities.

During the slower months of the year, employers who plan ahead can use this time to scale their warehouse and invest in their workers, ready for the busier times of year. Operating in real-time is now the standard companies—especially companies that offer online ordering—know that customers expect.

“Knowing what customers expect is key to running a successful warehouse,” added Phil Chesworth. “Planning ahead leads to happier employees, profit for companies and satisfied consumers.”

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