Mem Ferda’s Latest Epic Brings Supernatural Suspense to the Wild West

Mem Ferda’s Latest Epic Brings Supernatural Suspense to the Wild West

Renowned British actor and international award-winning producer, Mem Ferda is once again getting ready to shock and delight audiences with his latest screen epic ‘Ghost Town’. Combining the danger, drama, and passion of the American frontier with a supernaturally-charged mystery and suspense story, the new film promises plenty of pistols, premonitions, and Painted Ladies of the Old West, with an unbelievable ending you won’t be able to forget.

‘Ghost Town’ transports viewers back to America’s desolate Midwest in the 1870s, following Soloman – a drifter by nature – as he accepts a job in a saloon in a small town. As a newcomer and outsider, Solomon becomes the prime suspect when local townspeople start dying under mysterious circumstances, but could supernatural forces be at work? Desperate to uncover the truth, Soloman begins to delve deeper into the town’s unusual, inexplicable history.

Ferda, known for his starring role in Nicolas Winding Refn’s remake of the cult film ‘Pusher’, and for his work with Dominic Cooper in the sensational ‘The Devil’s Double’, is introducing the film under his production company Filmcore, in collaboration with US-based production firm, Matchstick Movies.

“We have just completed filming, which was definitely a new challenge for us under COVID-19 guidelines which have been quite restrictive across the film industry, but the cast and crew have just been amazing,” says Ferda. “Right now, there’s a huge demand for westerns and horror films, and ‘Ghost Town’ is unusual in how it brings these two genres together that will thrill and delight fans of both. And that’s something that’s really important for us, to fulfil fan needs for cross-genre entertainment with truly gripping, unique storylines.”

‘Ghost Town’ features an exciting cast who bring the film’s colourful characters to life, including Spiked’s Becky Jo Harris, Eva Hamilton, known for her roles in Ruin Me and Death Kiss, and Eminence Hill’s Owen Conway who plays suspicious Soloman; a man determined to find out the mysterious truth.

Conway makes his directorial debut with ‘Ghost Town’, which he also wrote. He describes his latest work as “a darkly comic horror set in the Old West which, along with the scares and gunfights, is an intimate character study rooted in true-to-life tales of loneliness, guilt, and toxic masculinity; a twisted love letter to the art of filmmaking”. Conway believes that the film couldn’t be made without “an incredible cast and crew” instrumental to its success.

Ferda and Conway are supported in their efforts by Cinematographer Dean E. Johnson, Production Designer Lori Haberman, and Executive Producer Robert Conway. This is not the first time that Ferda and Robert Conway have crossed paths, having previously worked together on the award-winning western ‘Eminence Hill’ featuring Lance Henriksen and Dominique Swain, which took home the Best Feature award at 2020’s Wild Bunch Film Festival.

Mem Ferda’s gun-slinging supernatural mystery ‘Ghost Town’ will be released in Autumn 2021, distributed worldwide by Uncork’d Entertainment.

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