Men’s Gear Launch New Tool to Help Users Navigate Netflix

Men’s Gear Launch New Tool to Help Users Navigate Netflix

Customers will no longer have to spend hours searching for their new favorite show on Netflix thanks to a new tool being launched by popular men’s digital magazine, Men’s Gear.

The tool, Netflix Gear, is designed to showcase the new titles that are coming to Netflix US. The tool will be updated on a daily basis, so users never fall behind on all the latest documentaries, movies and TV series that are available to watch on the streaming service. The current database of information currently goes back as far as 2019, so users are able to look through a comprehensive list of all the best things to watch at any time.

Not only will this new tool include a list of updated titles, but each listing will also include the release date, image, genre, synopsis, IMDb score (if available), run time, language, cast information, and a link to watch the trailer directly through the tool. This will give users all the information they need to decide whether one of the titles will become one of their new favorites and will prevent them from wasting time browsing for titles.

The new platform has successfully made itself unique through the useful toggle tool that gives users the opportunity to filter the type of new additions they want to view. Users are presented with six categories; Netflix Originals, Documentaries, Foreign Films, Movies, Standup Specials, and TV Series, and they can toggle between each one to find a title they’re interested in.

Millions of people are searching through Netflix’s list of new releases every day but, with Netflix Gear, users can spend more time watching titles rather than browsing aimlessly for them. Men’s Gear hopes that this new tool will make finding the best releases on Netflix quicker and easier.

Theo Chambers from Men’s Gear said “We believe that Netflix Gear is going to be a great tool for people who want to keep up to date with all of the new launches that get added to Netflix every day. We want to make life easier for our users so they don’t need to spend hours searching for something to watch, instead, they can use our tool and find their next favorite title in a matter of minutes.”

The Netflix Gear tool has now been launched and can be accessed through the Men’s Gear digital magazine website.

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