Mess-Free Family Days Out This Summer? It’s Possible with Cheeky Wipes Reusable Wipes

Mess-Free Family Days Out This Summer? It’s Possible with Cheeky Wipes Reusable Wipes

The school holidays are here, and one company is making sure that every parent has exactly what they need to enjoy fun, mess-free days out over the summer. Offering a range of environmentally friendly, reusable wipes – activated using just water – Cheeky Wipes can be used anywhere, any time.

Reports show that the average UK family takes 11 day trips over the 6-week school break. Whether it’s a day out to the seaside, forest walks, or city sightseeing, the summer holidays were made for family fun. But as every parent knows, the secret to a successful day out means being prepared.

From mopping up spills and changing nappies to wiping hands and faces, de-stickyfying picnic tables, and cleaning up dirty knees after little slips and trips, days out with the kids are usually filled with plenty of mess and muck.

While many parents keep a pack of wet wipes in the car for this exact purpose, they often end up being forgotten about, left to dry out in the glove compartment. Cheeky Wipes are different. The Cheeky Wipes range features cotton terry, bamboo, and microfibre cloths that can be made damp before you head out and popped into a handy wetbag.

They offer the convenience of a disposable wet wipe but without the need to throw it away. The super fresh, super moist wipes can handle whatever the day throws at them, from sticky hands to sandy toes. Used cloths can be put into another pocket of the wet bag or container, and washed and dried at home, leaving them ready for the next day out. No chemicals. No plastic. No waste. Just eco-friendly wipes that clean muck and protect the planet.

“When I saw these, I was a bit sceptical. I need not have worried, they are brilliant! I bought them as I am going on holiday with my 5-year old granddaughter. She loves baby wipes but uses them like they are going out of fashion. These are great for ice cream faces and hands, freshening up on the toilet, all manner of uses. As a 62-year old granny, I use them for freshening up on the go. I wish they were about when I had my four children, they are marvellous,” says Kim, a happy Cheeky Wipes customer on Trustpilot.

Switching from standard disposable wet wipes to reusable Cheeky Wipes could help families to save money, too. Reports show that British families spent around £1400 entertaining the children over the summer holidays last year, and with the cost of attractions rising by an average of 20% for 2022, parents are actively searching for new ways to minimise their outgoings. Cheeky Wipes’ research suggests that parents spend up to £30 a month on disposable wet wipes, making reusable alternatives a cost effective choice which could save UK households a significant amount of cash per year.

Helen Rankin, Cheeky Wipes Founder, says, “We understand the strain many families are facing today, and we’re on a mission to help out however we can. Recent reports show that the majority of families wish they were able to enjoy more day trips together, and by offering a lower cost alternative to standard wet wipes, we hope that Cheeky Wipes can play some part in helping to make that a reality. Small changes can make a big difference”.

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