Midland Bearings Looks Back on A Successful Year of Supporting the Manufacturing Industry

Midland Bearings Looks Back on A Successful Year of Supporting the Manufacturing Industry

Midland Bearings, a well-known supplier among UK’s manufacturing businesses is celebrating a year of achievements and contributions to the manufacturing industry. Since its establishment in 1984, the company has been a key player, providing essential components to various sectors, and its success over the years has solidified its position as a trusted supplier.

With a colossal inventory exceeding twenty million units, Midland Bearings caters to the diverse needs of industries across the UK. The company’s product range spans keysteel and stainless keysteel, Lazy Susan bearings and bearings for agriculture. These small but integral components serve as the backbone for machinery in manufacturing, original equipment manufacturing, and various other applications.

Midland Bearings has been providing these components to the manufacturing industry for nearly four decades, but 2023 has seen them play a pivotal role as one of the largest UK importer and wholesaler of bearings. As businesses have finally found their feet after years of delays, bottlenecks, and restrictions on trade, Midland Bearings has been able to position itself as a trusted partner for the many businesses that depend on them throughout the year.

Phil Chesworth, the Managing Director of Midland Bearings, expresses pride in the company’s achievements, stating, “There’s been a lot of disruption in the manufacturing industry over the past few years, we’ve seen so many businesses cease trading and have personally dealt with the ripple effect of the pandemic for many years. 2023 was a good year for the industry, and we’re so proud to have been a part of helping many businesses continue their operations and go back to some sort of normality.”

Located strategically in the West Midlands, Midland Bearings operates from a 100,000-square-foot warehouse, functioning as a central hub for seamless ‘same-day’ distribution. This strategic positioning enables the company to guarantee swift and efficient delivery not only across the UK but also globally, supporting manufacturing processes worldwide.

As Midland Bearings reflects on a successful year, it reaffirms its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company remains dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the manufacturing sector and contributing to the success of businesses relying on top-quality bearings.

For more information, please visit: https://www.midlandbearings.com/