Midland Pallet Trucks Addresses Staff Retention Concerns in Warehouse Industry

Midland Pallet Trucks Addresses Staff Retention Concerns in Warehouse Industry

With the warehouse industry finding its feet after drastic changes during the pandemic, it’s now time to focus on employee wellbeing and satisfaction, says manual handling experts, Midland Pallet Trucks.

In a recent Quinyx report [1] the true state of warehouse employee attitudes towards their work was unveiled. The report found that a staggering 65% of transport and warehousing staff feel that no one fully appreciates the work they do, and that many feel their bosses see them as just a temporary resource rather than a long-term prospect.

This comes after disruption during the pandemic caused changing shift patterns for many workers in the logistics industry. With EU workers returning home after Brexit, and many people leaving the industry, understaffing has been a big concern and created a much more stressful environment for those who have remained in the sector, says Midland Pallet Trucks.

The go-to warehouse equipment provider is responsible for supplying warehouses across the country with top-quality pallet trucks, lift tables, and aerial work platforms, but has noted that even with functional and efficient equipment, many managers are still struggling to operate at optimal levels due to the staffing crisis.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks says, “Over the pandemic, many warehouse and transport workers had to take on increased shifts and high levels of pressure. Now that things are going back to normal, it’s important for warehouse managers to address the staff retention issue and work on improving work environments for their employees.”

At a time when operations have started to become more organised, the logistics industry still needs to prepare for an influx in demand as manufacturing returns to the UK. Losing key members of staff at this time is not just a minor inconvenience, it could have serious business consequences.

Midland Pallet Trucks believe that the solutions could lie in offering more flexibility, providing opportunity to train and upskill existing members of staff, and introducing internal reward schemes to motivate and empower workers.

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