Midland Pallet Trucks Announces Revolutionary Semi-Electric Aerial Work Platform

Midland Pallet Trucks Announces Revolutionary Semi-Electric Aerial Work Platform

Midland Pallet Trucks has announced that the revolutionary SESP3.9 semi-electric aerial work platform is now available to order directly online.

Providing a more versatile alternative to standard mobile towers, the introduction of this innovative piece of equipment holds the key to improving workplace safety across a variety of settings and environments, including hospitals, schools, warehouses and shopping centres where safety is paramount.

The four scissor SESP3.9 semi electric scissor aerial work platform extends to a height of 3900mm, with a 33 second lifting time, and 30 second descent. Despite offering a safe working height of 19 feet and 4 inches, the model is remarkably compact, designed to effortlessly fit through standard doorways with a 1300mm length and 740mm width. Constructed with safety in mind, the aerial platform features 2 fixed wheels and 2 lockable swivel wheels, making it easy to manoeuvre in warehouses and other busy environments while still ensuring complete stability when in use.

In addition to aerial work platforms, Midland Pallet Trucks also stocks a wide range of other high quality manual and electric materials handling equipment including high lift pallet trucks and lift platforms.

“Mobile towers have traditionally been the go-to equipment for working at height,” says Midland Pallet Trucks Managing Director Phil Chesworth, “but some models are known to be notoriously difficult to use, which heightens risk within the workplace.

“We’ve been looking to expand our range of aerial work platforms and lifts for some time now, and the versatility of the SESP3.9, which can be adjusted at the touch of a button, makes this particular option an excellent addition to our growing collection.”

This is not the first SESP aerial work platform model to be offered by West Midlands-based Midland Pallet Trucks. It stocks the SESP3.0 mobile aerial work platform; a smaller, three scissor alternative with a maximum platform height of 3000mm for an average 5 metre safe working height.

The new addition is designed to bring all the benefits of the SESP3.0, such as efficient lifting and descent time, and an impressive 300kg lift capacity, to a larger model, allowing businesses to work safely at greater heights of up to 5.9 metres.

Aerial work platforms are designed to create safe, temporary access to areas that are otherwise inaccessible due to their height. The platforms are typically used in maintenance, construction, and warehousing, but can be used across many sectors.

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