Midland Pallet Trucks boosts product catalogue with new additions of heavy-duty moving skates

Midland Pallet Trucks boosts product catalogue with new additions of heavy-duty moving skates

Midland Pallet Trucks has reinforced its reputation as a leading supplier of manual handling equipment by adding an abundance of new moving skates to its already massive product collection.

The Midlands-based company now boasts an enormous collection of moving skates, swivel skates and steering skates available to be purchased singularly or in sets of multiple skates.

Phil Chesworth, Midland Pallet Trucks Managing Director, said: “Moving skates are the workhorse of many warehouses, loading bays and factories up and down the UK, and our latest new stocks of skate products will guarantee safe and easy transportation of heavy loads wherever it’s required.

“The range of skates we’ve got is quite simply huge; we’ve got a massive array of different designs and skate styles to suit all weight requirements and space constraints, from simple 2t steering skates for easy manoeuvrability to turntable skates that can rotate massive loads of 80t.”

Moving skates are used to easily move heavy weights quickly, and as a result are commonly used in industries such as warehousing, construction and logistics. They’re also used frequently in workplaces such as factories where manufactured products need to be quickly moved to loading bays on a regular basis.

Models included in Midland Pallet Truck’s enhanced range of skates include the 20t ET20A steerable skate with powder coated wheels to the load-spreading AS20P skates with 2t capacity.

In addition to a plethora of different models and weight capacities, Midland Pallet Trucks is also offering multiple deals on its moving skates that means they can be purchased in sets, making them ideal for big factory or warehouse environments that move large amounts of products around.

Phil added: “Many factories often see increased order books around the Christmas period and need extra moving skates to cope with the increased demand for products.”

Moving skates are often used in conjunction with hydraulic jacks; the hydraulic jacks is used to get the product or load off the ground so that the moving skate can be placed underneath it and easily transported.

For more information about the range of moving skates stocked by Midland Pallet Trucks, or to browse any of the company’s other manual handling equipment collections, please visit http://www.midlandpallettrucks.com/index.asp or call 01384 841440.