Midland Pallet Trucks express concern over warehouse demand

Midland Pallet Trucks express concern over warehouse demand

Following the news that demand for large warehouses is continuing to outstrip supply[1], UK manual handling equipment firm Midland Pallet Trucks have expressed concern about potentially pricing firms out of premises.

“Although it’s understandable that landlords are keen to get the best price for their rents, there’s a danger that high initial prices might leave warehouse staff without key equipment which is considered too expensive, but is needed for them to do their jobs,” said Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks.

With news that one of the biggest players in the warehouse market believes that “market values may improve further”, there is not much space for business who want to move in to negotiate with landlords. This might mean that smaller businesses with great potential but not as much capital could be overlooked in favour of bigger brands who essentially price smaller ones out of the market.

Because so many businesses now are boosted by extensive e-commerce orders, warehouse space is rapidly becoming a non-negotiable issue for businesses up and down the country. If businesses have to scrimp on tools or workers to buy space, there is a danger that consumers will find the brand lacking and turn away from it before it has a chance to develop itself.

“We’re going to continue to offer our range of great value manual handling equipment,” added Phil Chesworth. “We hope that warehouse prices settle down soon so businesses who rely on such space aren’t pinched and forced to whittle down costs elsewhere.”

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