Midland Pallet Trucks is Ready to Support Warehousing Businesses in Times of Disruption

Midland Pallet Trucks is Ready to Support Warehousing Businesses in Times of Disruption

Supply chain bottlenecks, rising fuel prices, and high levels of labour turnover continue to present issues for warehousing companies across the country, but Midland Pallet Trucks is holding firm in its supply of industry-leading manual handling equipment.

Midland Pallet Trucks, a leading supplier of hand pallet trucks, lift tables, and manual stacker trucks ship their equipment all over the country from their centrally-located 75,000 square feet warehouse. Thanks to their location and a large range of products that are ready for speedy delivery, the company has been able to minimise delays and inconvenience for its many customers.

Proving a safe bet in an otherwise turbulent market, Midland Pallet Trucks provides warehouses with high-quality, durable, and professional manual handling equipment. This equipment allows warehouse managers to maximize productivity, improve efficiency and ensure timely delivery for the end customers.

With general equipment available at affordable prices, and specialized equipment that can be used in varying environments, the manual handling equipment provider has become a one-stop shop for any warehouse looking to upgrade their manual handling efforts or replace existing machinery.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks says, “As the whole industry finds itself in a precarious position, we’ve tried our best to provide a reliable and professional service to all our customers. All our equipment is stored in our Midlands warehouse and many are ready for immediate shipping at affordable prices – which is becoming even more of an important factor for warehouse managers dealing with rising energy prices.”

Thanks to careful planning and in-depth knowledge of the warehousing industry, Midland Pallet Trucks are uniquely placed to supply customers with the equipment they need to keep their warehouses running smoothly.

To find out more about the wide range of lift equipment available from Midland Pallet Trucks, visit https://www.midlandpallettrucks.com/