Midland Pallet Trucks weighs in on warehouse risk

Midland Pallet Trucks weighs in on warehouse risk

In recent months, it’s been well-documented that a number of UK retailers have learnt that a ‘disconnect’ between retail warehouses and head offices creates the risk of certain staff members being unfairly treated behind closed doors. Not only has this resulted in a lot of bad press, but it has also overshadowed what is a productive and important sector for the UK economy.

For those struggling to ensure all their workforce are treated equally, Midland Pallet Trucks, one of the UK’s finest suppliers of pallet trucks, aerial work platforms and other warehouse and materials handling equipment, has offered companies tips for ensuring a productive and happy workforce.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Midland Pallet Trucks, said, “Retail companies are particularly open to risk because they are often spread over a number of sites. Not only does this make it difficult to keep track of each employee, but travelling between these sites can prove to be very expensive and time-consuming, so it is often not undertaken. Despite it being impossible to keep an eye on all employees at all times, there are procedures businesses can take to ensure their employees are happy and they aren’t breaking the law.”

According to the pallet truck expert, ensuring there is a document that contains easy to understand and follow policies is the first step to knock mistreatment on the head. It’s also imperative that every single employee knows the procedures in place for every arm of the business so they can refer back to them if necessary. Equally, getting good, experienced managers in place and ensuring they recognise the importance of following procedures and undertaking reviews and spot checks will cut down on things being missed which could result in mistreatment.

“In this day and age there really shouldn’t be such a wall between warehouse staff and other employees,” added Phil. “Warehouse staff are often the stilts that hold the business up, so it’s important that they are treated equally. And thanks to the spotlight being shone on this, no longer will ignorance be accepted as an excuse by high level management.”

Midland Pallet Trucks has a plethora of experience working with retailers of all sizes and in all sectors. The company provides robust equipment to ensure their bottom lines runs smoothly, production is kept up and employees are kept safe.

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