Midlands Pallet Trucks have new products for all conditions

Midlands Pallet Trucks have new products for all conditions

Midlands Pallet Trucks have revealed new products to make life easier for pallet truck operators. As one of the leading suppliers of pallet truck equipment, delivering high quality at competitive prices, they’re committed to making sure truck operators all over the UK have great equipment.

“With everything from rough terrain trucks to hand stackers and chocks, we’re really expanding our product lines to help people who need them,” said Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Midland Pallet Trucks. “Some of them are updates on previous bestsellers and some are brand new, and we’re proud to release them now.”

Midlands Pallet Trucks’ new range of products suit everything from warehouse workers to people working amongst the public. The range includes a new mobile aerial work platform, allowing the user to work safely up to a height of 5 metres inside busy indoor places like shopping centres and schools, and a variation on a rough terrain truck, fitted with pneumatic tyres and with a 210-degree turning radius.

This rough terrain truck is a must-have for garden centres and building sites, especially over rocky or unstable ground.

Some of Midlands Pallet Trucks’ other products develop their hand stacker range, from small lifters weighing just 20kg and able to lift 80kg, to larger lightweight lifters weighing 66kg and able to lift 181kg and lift up to a height of 2.5 metres.

Midlands Pallet Trucks continue to invest in their new ranges, making life easier and cheaper for everyone from warehouse managers to builders and contractors. With new products appearing on the website regularly, they keep their prices low and quality high.

To find out more about Midland Pallet Trucks and their extensive range of strong and dependable pallet trucks, lift tables and other valuable equipment, visit the website: http://www.midlandpallettrucks.com