Midlands Pallet Trucks warn warehouses over driverless vehicles

Midlands Pallet Trucks warn warehouses over driverless vehicles

With the news that warehouses are trying out driverless vehicles for more and more tasks including driverless pallet trucks and driverless fork lifts, Midlands Pallet Trucks has warned companies not to discount human involvement entirely.

“Though we’ve seen statistics suggesting that 45% of manufacturing tasks will be done by robots by 2025, that still leaves 55% of tasks to be done by humans,” said Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Midland Pallet Trucks. “Companies who rely on robotics to do all their work should remember how often computers can go wrong.”

Midlands Pallet Trucks sell pallet trucks and other heavy-duty machinery to everyone from builders to warehouse managers. Their main range of pallet trucks start at lightweight trucks for smaller loads all the way to 4-way trucks capable of carrying extremely heavy items.

The news comes as Spanish firm, Asti, is building a range of driverless forklifts, stackers and pallet trucks. If driverless vehicles get it wrong, no human will be around to fix the problem quickly. This could leave businesses in financial trouble, dealing with destroyed stock as well as a broken and expensive machine to get fixed.

Keeping humans around makes sense for the foreseeable future, so although robotics and driverless vehicles may happen in a number of years, for now they are in no danger of taking over the manufacturing sector. Trained humans will always know what to do with a pallet truck; a programmed robot can forget if water leaks onto it or they miscalculate a distance.

Midlands Pallet Trucks is selling products that suit their customer’s needs in the UK now, and not basing their information on a bank’s predictions that may or may not come true.

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