Ministry of Rooms Launches New Initiative to Connect Ukrainian Refugees with Free Accommodation

Ministry of Rooms Launches New Initiative to Connect Ukrainian Refugees with Free Accommodation

The rooms to rent marketplace, Ministry of Rooms has launched a new initiative which will make it easier for Ukrainian refugees to connect with landlords and homeowners offering suitable accommodation across the country.

With thousands of people expressing their willingness to open their homes to those displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the specialist platform is perfectly placed to facilitate accommodation provision. Homeowners or landlords with rooms to donate rent free can place a description of the space on the Ministry of Rooms site free of charge, along with images. Those searching for temporary shelter can connect with the homeowner or landlord via a chat function on the platform or over the phone. New arrivals looking for a place to stay can also register themselves on the platform so that landlords can reach out with suitable accommodation offers.

It is thought that more than ten million people have fled Ukraine since Russia waged war. With the UK government coming in for criticism for how slowly visa applications have been processed, Ministry of Rooms’ pledge to offer free space on its platform is intended to make it as quick and easy as possible for arrivals to access safe, warm and secure accommodation. All rooms must be available with no deposit and free of rent to those displaced by the war.

Saurabh Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Rooms said “Like everyone, we have been hugely saddened to hear of so many innocent people forced out of their homes. We’re keen to do all we can to help and, given our area of expertise, are keen to lend our platform to help make vital connections between those in need of accommodation, and the thousands of homeowners and landlords around the country keen to put their spare rooms to good use.

“Anyone with a room to offer rent free can share details on Ministry of Rooms so that those in need can easily find much needed accommodation in their area.”

Anyone with a room available to a Ukrainian person or family displaced by the war can upload details to Ministry of Rooms free of charge using the code ‘help’. Accommodation details will remain visible for 60 days and can then be renewed for a further 60-day period as needed.

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