Mobile Gamers Given Opportunity to Save Cash with TokenFire Launch

Mobile Gamers Given Opportunity to Save Cash with TokenFire Launch

Apps and mobile games have become everyday essentials for many smartphone users but to get the best experience they’re often required to pay real cash to access special features or speed up gameplay. An innovative new app is set to change that. TokenFire offers an exciting new way for avid gamers to collect digital currency without ever having to dip into their wallet.

In-app purchases can quickly mount up and it’s become a model that more app developers are favouring thanks to the profitability. Around half of apps downloaded from Google Play use the freemium model – where the app is free to download but virtual currencies, such as gems, gold, or diamonds, can be purchased to improve the game experience. Every year US gamers spend billions to boost gameplay. TokenFire now offers an alternative, delivering thousands of tokens that can be redeemed for gift cards or a paid app from Google Play across the country.

Jasmin Hasaj, founder of TokenFire, said, “So many mobile games offer the choice to buy upgrades or premium currencies and for those that don’t want to stump up cash it can mean lagging behind rivals in competitive games or a disappointing experience. TokenFire means you can earn tokens with a huge range of possibilities to enhance how customers use their apps. It’s the perfect solution for young players, who don’t have access to their own funds, and saving money.”

By completing simple tasks, such as downloading free apps and trying them out, TokenFire users earn the app’s unique tokens. This clever currency has an array of options, giving users the flexibility to choose how they’ll spend their earnings. The tokens can be used to directly purchase paid apps in the Google Store, including top games such as Minecraft, FM Mobile 2017, and Bloons TD 5. Alternatively, users can redeem their tokens for a range of gift cards that are delivered within 24 hours, among the options are cards for Google Play, PayPal, Xbox, iTunes, and Amazon.

TokenFire offers a fun way for mobile gamers to improve how they use their apps without falling prey to hacks and quick fixes that could lead them to scam sites.

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