Modular Building Blocks becomes exclusive agent to offer more value for Everblock customers

Modular Building Blocks becomes exclusive agent to offer more value for Everblock customers

After years of success distributing Everblocks within the UK, Modular Building Blocks has strengthened its partnership with Everblock to provide a wider product range, better services and increased savings for businesses and consumers across the UK.

Sales of Everblocks has increased rapidly within the UK and US over the last two years and the brand is planning to expand by rolling out a new global distribution model. As a leading distributor that has helped expand the UK market, Modular Building Blocks has now become more than a franchise.

Director of Modular Building Blocks, Joseph Plosky said “We are very excited about the expansion project and we’re proud to be officially partnering with Everblocks as an exclusive agent. For the last two years we have helped to bring the magic of the Everblock system to companies and clients across a range of industries and now this process will be easier than ever. Instead of being a middleman, Modular Building Blocks will now be the first point of contact for UK customers.”

The new distribution model will make it easier for customers in countries like France, Germany, Australia, Thailand and India to utilise the versatile nature of Everblocks. It has also helped Modular Building Blocks to drastically improve the services they can offer within the UK. Initial surveys, design services and construction are all available directly from Modular Building Blocks through the UK Everblocks website.

The team of expert designers and builders at Modular Building Blocks have already worked with numerous companies in industries ranging from financial services to construction. Everblocks have been used in commercial, industrial and domestic environments to create bespoke furniture, custom storage solutions and display units.

In addition to streamlining the buying process and improving the services, Modular Building Blocks will also be able to expand the selection of products that are available for direct purchase or hire in the UK. The Everblock System includes a range of high-impact co-polymer blocks in various sizes and colours. There is also a range of accessories available including shelves, countertops and finishing caps.

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