Modular Building Blocks Enables Creative Retail Displays, As Versatile As Lego

Modular Building Blocks Enables Creative Retail Displays, As Versatile As Lego

The Everblocks oversized building blocks, sold exclusively in the UK by Modular Building Blocks, gives visual merchandisers and creative retail professionals the tool they need to create in-store displays where imagination is the only limit. While many may use Lego or other small building bricks to plan and trial retail store designs, the bricks from Modular Building Blocks enable such creative displays to be constructed in reality.

Not only favoured for their creative possibilities, these Everblocks bricks are highly sought after within retail due to their practicality and versatility. A temporary yet stable solution, they provide quick, easy and effective displays that can be dismantled and rearranged as often is needed. Within the fast-paced world of visual merchandising and POS design, such features make the blocks an essential part of every retailer’s toolkit.

Joe Plosky, Director, revealed, “With window or other in-store displays, it is important to create a solution that is effective, impactful but incredibly versatile. Everblocks bricks are perfect for this. Available in a multitude of colours, it is possible to build vibrant, ‘retro’ constructions to tie in line with any seasonal theme. However, sleek, sophisticated displays are also possible when using neutral toned bricks combined with the smooth finishing caps.”

Beyond the bricks and mortar store, these playful building blocks are also useful for additional retail applications. Whether exhibiting at a market-style event or planning a pop-up trade opportunity, the Everblocks from Modular Building Blocks instantly create an effective stall or display unit, making a lasting impression on consumers that pass by.

In 2017, the physical retail environment is constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity to entice new and existing customers into a store. Just as animals, shapes and scenes can be crafted by children using traditional Lego blocks, these oversized bricks give visual merchandisers a versatile tool to make all design dreams a reality.

Plosky continued, “To help users understand how to realise their most imaginative creations using the bricks, we have developed a 3D Builder Tool, available on our website. Designers can drag and drop blocks to test out their concepts, before constructing them in their store.”

Many UK retailers are already reaping the benefits of these versatile building blocks. Discover the 3D Builder Tool and browse other user’s constructions online at