Modular Building Blocks Explains How to Craft Retro Furniture Using Life-Size ‘Lego’ Bricks

Modular Building Blocks Explains How to Craft Retro Furniture Using Life-Size ‘Lego’ Bricks

Craft and DIY fanatics searching for their next home-improvement project need look no further than Modular Building Blocks. Here, the UK distributor of Everblocks explains how to create quirky, retro furniture using the oversized ‘Lego’ style bricks.

They key to these simple yet stunning creations lies with the innovative 3D Builder Tool, hosted on Module Building Blocks’ website. With a fun, gameplay like interface, users select each building block, dictating its colour, position and orientation until a creative construction has been designed. When happy with the structure, the tool highlights the specific blocks that are needed to make the final piece, emailing the building instructions to the DIY fan. Weekend home-improvement projects have received a digital update with Modular Building Blocks.

Joe Plosky, Director revealed, “Interiors are becoming increasingly daring, with many more of us attempting crafting or ‘up cycling’ projects to create custom furniture. Our oversized building blocks are just as fun as these traditional DIY tasks, yet offer added versatility. Almost any design imaginable can be created on our 3D Builder Tool, with simple to follow instructions to help you make these furniture dreams a reality.”

Interior fans that want to achieve the retro, Lego inspired look but don’t dare to design their own pieces can select their favourite model from the extensive library of creations hosted on the 3D Builder Tool, customising each staple design to suit personal taste. Many designs for furniture including an L-shaped sofa, a coffee table and a sturdy shelf can be found on the handy online platform and soon, in many homes across the country.

Plosky continued, “Due to their modular nature, you can start with as many blocks as you need and then later add to your creations. For those homeowners with ‘itchy feet’, this is a dream! After investing in bricks to build a shelf, they can quickly be disassembled to form a table, a chair or another fun structure a month later. The possibilities really are endless!

Although the modular bricks may seem like a toy, each one is produced using durable, high quality polypropylene co-polymer, making them waterproof, chemical proof and fire resistant and anything but amateur.

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