Modular Building Blocks Makes Way for Creative ‘DIY’ Marketing Constructions

Modular Building Blocks Makes Way for Creative ‘DIY’ Marketing Constructions

Creative marketers take note as the UK distributor of Everblocks, Modular Building Blocks, reveals how marketing professionals willing to push boundaries and get ‘hands on’ can benefit from the colourful building block tools. With a little prior practice, marketers can ensure their brand is noticed at any conference, exhibition or event, quickly creating eye-catching characters and functional constructions using the versatile oversized ‘Lego’ bricks.

As prices of exhibition stand booth spaces continue to soar, investing in a set of Everblocks from Modular Building Blocks gives every business the solution they need to adapt to any environment. Whether using four or 40 blocks, a customised, tailored exhibition stand with counters, seating, back walls, risers and more can quickly be built, fitting the exact size and shape of any booth.

Joe Plosky, Director revealed, “While marketing professionals may be familiar with the term ‘gamification’, these colourful, creative building blocks give them the chance to try out their own tactics! Using the same skills learned when younger when producing impressive Lego buildings, businesses can also create many incredible marketing solutions that suit their needs exactly.

“Available in a wide range of colours, companies can purchase the blocks to suit their branding, or invest in a variety of shades to lead to more imaginative creations.”

Beyond re-creating exhibition stands, divider walls and other conventional trade show solutions, the Everblocks bricks from Modular Building Blocks allow organisations to build custom sculptures and structures to help them reach their marketing goals. With the help of its 3D Builder Tool, Modular Building Blocks encourages its clients to unleash their creativity, designing constructions via the online app. With a successful design in place, the web-based builder leads to assembly instructions that can then be followed in reality. Whether in need of a 3D, oversized logo or another familiar character to enhance a marketing campaign, imagination is the only limitation when using these ‘DIY’ building bricks.

Although its design is based on a popular children’s toy, each Everblocks building block is a robust and reliable construction solution. Using reinforcement pins or rods, it is possible to support heavy weights on anything that is built with the fun bricks, while the durable, water proof, chemical resistant material makes them perfect for booth outdoor and indoor applications.

To view creative constructions, try out the 3D Builder Tool or to learn more about the possibilities of Everblocks in the UK, head to