Modular Building Blocks are now being used to create bespoke office space for British companies

Modular Building Blocks are now being used to create bespoke office space for British companies

Leading UK distributor of Everblocks, Modular Building Blocks is offering bespoke interior design options for British companies. The precision designed building blocks allow business owners, designers and managers across a range of industries to create semi-permanent structures without the need for contractors or expensive materials.

New uses for Everblocks are constantly being found across a number of industries including education, retail, interior design and construction. A recent project carried out at the warehouse of a UK-based company has generated a lot of buzz. Everblocks helped to create a large office space that would otherwise have involved months of planning and required expensive building materials.

Director of Modular Building Blocks, Joe Plosky said “The great thing about Everblocks is that they can be used for a huge range of different purposes and we love seeing all of the new ideas that people come up with. The recent project to create an Amazon office was a huge success and has helped showcase just how useful Everblocks are. We are looking forward to working with more companies in future and welcome any new ideas.”

The modular nature of Everblocks allows users to create unique structures that are specific to the layout and size of their space. There are no screws or glue involved in the building process which means the structures can be taken down and redesigned easily. The blocks are made from a high-impact Co-Polymer to ensure a long lifespan and can be used outside in a range of different environments.

Everblocks are adaptable and lightweight making them easy to transport and re-use for a multitude of different purposes. A number of commercial and domestic buildings across the UK have already used Everblocks to create walls, shelving, desks and even entire rooms. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating bespoke designs.

A wide range of blocks with varying colours and sizes can be purchased from Buyers looking to take advantage of the diversity of Everblocks by creating their own structures can generate their own design on the Modular Building Blocks website and order the specific amount they need.

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